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Fundamental cryptoasset data

Description Value
Symbol 15354079498364983892
Trading volume 24h recalculated to BTC 0.0000000 mBTC
Trading volume 30 days recalculated to BTC 0.0000000 mBTC
Last Trade 35 shares by a price of 19.990000 NXT on 2015-06-11 18:26:25
Issued shares 1.000.000

NXTTXTFund description

As joint effort between NXT and TXT To cover ongoing expenses and to avoid the stress of donations of NXTer’s the Logical choice is to monetize Conference’s.
Prypto Cards
Prypto cards for NXT Coin by attending Conferences we can easily sell small amounts of NXT Prypto scratch cards Small revenue of a few % but this can soon grow by attracting local resellers.

CCC mark.
CCC Mark would be based on Reseller Ratings provides a comprehensive tools package designed to help convey trust and influence shoppers to buy.
“Above is simply 2 examples to be used”
Any funds raised at conventions will be 1st allocated refill the conference budget and surplus funds to be redistributed to funders

Disclaimer” we do not promise any returns are guaranteed also warning this is of your own risk”

Last Price: 19.990000 NXT

Profit / Loss 24h: 0.00 %

Volume 24h: 0.0000000 mBTC

Period chart


0.001000 NXT
19.98900 NXT
19.99000 NXT
10.00 NXT
Whole bid volume
1 : 2,728.64
27,286.35 NXT
Whole ask volume