EnergyGHS - charts and information

Fundamental cryptoasset data

Description Value
Symbol 4957314941548322778
Name EnergyGHS
Trading volume 24h recalculated to BTC 0.0000000 mBTC
Trading volume 30 days recalculated to BTC 0.0000000 mBTC
Last Trade 1 shares by a price of 69.000000 NXT on 2014-10-17 01:12:28
Issued shares 50.000

EnergyGHS description

Energy Mining is offering mining contract shares valued at 1 GHS per share. Energy Mining will be partnering with Knights of the Satoshi Ltd. & nXtGen Mining to facilatate hosting of the equipment at a very competitive rate. This will allow for a more profitable venture. We will merge mine SHA-256 coins on a decentralized pool which will allow us to make a larger ROI. We will use these profits from mining to buy Energy Coin and distrubute it through dividends to all shareholders. There will be a 3% fee to cover expenses such as electricity, hosting, etc. Dividends will be paid on a weekly basis. Further information will be found through the alias EnergyMining or the website

Last Price: 69.000000 NXT

Profit / Loss 24h: 0.00 %

Volume 24h: 0.0000000 mBTC

Period chart


45.50000 NXT
2.000000 NXT
47.50000 NXT
10,010.00 NXT
Whole bid volume
1 : 2.89
28,975.00 NXT
Whole ask volume