AndroidCli - charts and information

Fundamental cryptoasset data

Description Value
Symbol 12414770996347165541
Name AndroidCli
Trading volume 24h recalculated to BTC 0.0000000 mBTC
Trading volume 30 days recalculated to BTC 0.0000000 mBTC
Last Trade 10 shares by a price of 1.0000000 NXT on 2014-12-15 08:23:51
Issued shares 100.000.000

AndroidCli description

This is the fund raising asset for the Android NXT wallet project by marcus03. Details about the project and the fund raising can be found here:

Fund raising will run for one month (June 13th to July 13th 2014) or shorter in case I decide the project is well funded earlier. Simply buy assets at 1 NXT per asset to fund the project. As long as fund raising is running you can sell your AndroidCli assets at any time with minimal loss (around 2 NXT). If the project does not get well funded, you can also get your NXT back by selling your assets. If the project does get well funded, I will cancel my buy-back order and there is no way you can get back your NXT. The quantity of assets in my buy-back order will be updated to the number of sold assets on a daily basis.

Last Price: 1.0000000 NXT

Profit / Loss 24h: 0.00 %

Volume 24h: 0.0000000 mBTC

Period chart


0.000000 mNXT
0.000000 mNXT
0.00 NXT
Whole bid volume
1 : 1.00
0.00 NXT
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