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Fundamental cryptoasset data

Description Value
Symbol 6220108297598959542
Name Coinomat
Trading volume 24h recalculated to BTC 0.0000000 mBTC
Trading volume 30 days recalculated to BTC 0.0000000 mBTC
Last Trade 107 shares by a price of 2.1500000 NXT on 2016-09-25 06:34:38
Issued shares 1.000.000

Coinomat description is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service. seeks external funding through virtual IPO to enhance its operating capital and implement several new services aimed at transaction volume and revenue growth. IPO is carried out at several platforms, including NXT platform. Our mission consists in offering frictionless customer experience in the area of cryptocurrency transactions. Our business model is built on offering fixed rate services for cryptocurrency exchanges and charging premium for the transaction speed and comfort. Our competitive advantage is the current lack of similar services and our clear profit structure, based on hedging cryptocurrency volatility effects. offers its shareholders profits equal to 1.5% of the total transaction amount. Users can have access to our transactions stats here:

The dividend payments are made weekly.

Last Price: 2.1500000 NXT

Profit / Loss 24h: 0.00 %

Volume 24h: 0.0000000 mBTC

Period chart


2.150000 NXT
2.850000 NXT
5.000000 NXT
6,687.27 NXT
Whole bid volume
1 : 11.21
74,983.50 NXT
Whole ask volume