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Description Value
Symbol 12764573703623177516
Name Kisscoin
Trading volume 24h recalculated to BTC 0.0000000 mBTC
Trading volume 30 days recalculated to BTC 0.0000000 mBTC
Last Trade 2 shares by a price of 0.5000000 NXT on 2014-08-03 18:26:30
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Kisscoin description

2B Kisscoin Land Tickets. Contributor-mined coin aims to start a genuine tax-free city, on a “reasonable efforts” basis, through contributions-in-kind and/or ticket sales. Kisscoin good for tax-free land, down-payments, monthlies, and business lease payments. Lease payments pay for security, so no one pays taxes. Redemption ratio: 100K Kisscoin per residential land unit (1/8th acre).

Kisscoin is not a stock, bond, money, or currency, but a land ticket collectible. Void where prohibited; or lost; or stolen. Not responsible for software malfunctions or malicious attacks that make reconstructing Kisscoin ownership in-feasible. Redemption subject to any residential eligibility law. All purchasers are wholesalers, until redemption window opens. All sales final. 20 MM Kisscoin reserved for marketing. Kisscoin.US project of the Tax Free Society.
See Kisscoin.US for all Official News and Info.
How much longer do you want to be on the rat wheel before you jump to a tax-free city?

Last Price: 0.5000000 NXT

Profit / Loss 24h: 0.00 %

Volume 24h: 0.0000000 mBTC

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